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First of all, the attention to details and quality of service that Vision Design and Development has offer me is really professional and unique, anyone who
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Marketing Tips of the Week

Ways to boost your marketing effort and energize your sales

  1. Understand your customers, need to know who they are, what they buy and why would they choose to buy from you. Get direct feedback from your customers thru social media, blogs, and message board.
  2. Promotions and coupons are winners with most economic groups especially in tough economic times.
  3. Track your leads thru phone, your sales people, and your website.
  4. Focus on fresh ideas, with brainstorming session, or by giving special recognition to individuals with the smartest suggestions. Do not rely on your marketing team only, make it company wide effort to come up with new fresh approach to gain customer's trust.
  5. Sponsor an event for a cause.
  6. Freshen your content, website, brochures; give free info to your customers when they sign up on your website.
  7. Engage your customers in a blog with helpful information about your industry.


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